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To test the progress of the students, two House Examination are held. Absentees from the House Examination are considered to have failed and dealt with accordingly. Such students will be fined Rs. 100/- per paper in addition to other disciplinary action that may be considered necessary. Every student must take the House Examination to enable him/her to become eligible for appearing in the University examination. After such examination, progress report of the student with remarks about his/her conduct will be sent to the parents/guardians on the address given in the Admission from. All changes in the address should be intimated to the college office immediately.

A student who fails to take an examination for reason of illness or for any other valid reason may secure permission from the Controller of Examination well in time to appear in a special Examination on a date fixed by the Principal on payment of an extra examination fee of Rs.250/-

The Principal has the discretion to hold the House Examination in the month suitable for holding this and thus may change the usual schedule.

Internal Assesment out of 10 marks in each paper will be given to the students of 1st, 2nd & 3rd year on the basis of their performance in both the House Examination & attendance.


A student shall be eligible to appear in the University examination if he/she:

(i) Has attended 75% of the full course of lectures and practicals arranged for his/her class in each subject.

(ii) Has obtained at least 25% marks in aggregated of all subjects in House Examinations.


Controller of Examination

Prof. Arvind Malhotra


Gayatri Mantra

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